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Congrats to our fifth awardee, Brooklyn Boudreaux

We're super excited to announce our newest recipient of the 2nd Chance Opportunity Scholarship Award, Brooklyn Boudreaux

Brooklyn Boudreaux plans on pursuing a degree in business and a certificate in culinary arts.

She dreams of operating a restaurant in the future.

"This award will assist me in completing my educational goals by allowing me to pay for a portion of my college tuition and be able to attend for the full length of time I would need to earn my business and culinary degrees."

Congrats to our fourth awardee, Melissa
Congrats to our fifth awardee, Brooklyn!

"Without help, I don't believe I’d be able to complete these courses and be as successful as I believe I can be one day."

Congratulations Brooklyn!

Please help us celebrate this wonderful student.

The Valencia Cooper 2nd Chance Opportunity Scholarship Award will be solely for African American/Black students who would like to attend a Community College within the state of Oregon. Apply Now for your chance to win this scholarship.

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