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The Valencia Cooper 2nd Chance Opportunity Scholarship Award is founded on the basic principle that 2nd chance opportunities can change lives. Second chances are not always possible however, Cooper herself experienced several second-chance opportunities and as a result, was able to concur life and career challenges.


It was with her zeal and determination that Cooper was able to seize her second chances before departing this life. The Valencia Cooper 2nd Chance Opportunity Scholarship Award will be solely for any African American/Black student who would like to attend a community college within the state of Oregon. This is extremely imperative as Oregon is composed of a 6% African American/Black population, thus sometimes limiting the availability and or access to higher education funds. Thus, this scholarship will be able to provide African Americans/Black students with the opportunity to pursue their higher education goals within the community college system as it has proven to be an amazing stepping stone for students to graduate with an affordable 2-year degree and transfer to a 4-year academic institution; trade certificate, technical certificate and more. 



Founded in 2020, the 2nd Chance Opportunity Scholarship inspires action, serves donors and supports communities. We provide long-term solutions and benefits for those who may need assistance in pursuing their dreams.

For African American Students

Get Accepted to College

The Valencia Cooper 2nd Chance Opportunity Scholarship Award will help us send African American/Black students to a wonderful community college here in Oregon.

If you’re working toward a degree or certificate, intend to register for six or more credits, or have applied for financial aid, you must complete the admission process to any Community College within the State of Oregon. Learn more



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Empowering Black students through education

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