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Congrats to our third awardee, Layah Carey

We're super excited to announce another recipient of the 2nd Chance Opportunity Scholarship Award, Layah Carey

Layah is a current student at Linn-Benton Community College Majoring in Early Childhood Development and Family Studies

Layah is on the path to becoming a preschool teacher and family advocate,

“The second chance opportunity scholarship award would greatly help me in continuing my education to become a preschool teacher/family advocate. My academic journey has not been the easiest but it has been one that I have continuously chosen to continue pursuing even in the hardest of times.

Layah has recently been able to get medical insurance but unfortunately learned that the cost of my psychiatry and therapy is not fully covered. Seeing a therapist and having a doctor that is able to help Layah "manage my medication is something that is very important for me to be able to finish my schooling."

"I would be able to use some of the money that I am awarded to pay for co-pays for appointments and medication. Overall this scholarship is a blessing."

Layah's Story

In June of 2022 I became a mother for the first time and even though the easiest thing seems like not going back to school I know that the best thing is to finish the degree that I started. I feel very blessed to have family around me that offers help and whom I can rely on for support but, having the funds from the scholarship would be extremely helpful in order to get back into the grind of finishing school. I have a term of practicum that requires me to spend a lot of my own personal money for certain educational lessons that I instruct the children in doing. Being able to have gas money to get myself from home to my placement classroom, and to campus is something that I feel may be a barrier when it comes to being able to stay consistent during the school year.

"Thank you for taking the time to read my entry. I appreciate the opportunity for not only me but all the applicants."

Congratulations Layah!

Please help us celebrate this wonderful student.

The Valencia Cooper 2nd Chance Opportunity Scholarship Award will be solely for African American/Black students who would like to attend a Community College within the state of Oregon. Apply Now for your chance to win this scholarship.

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