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Congrats to our fourth awardee, Melissa

We're super excited to announce another recipient of the 2nd Chance Opportunity Scholarship Award, Melissa Beadle

Melissa is currently a student at Linn-Benton Community College with hopes of enrolling in the Nursing Program.

Melissa is on the path to becoming a Registered Nurse.

"With the assistance of the Valencia Cooper 2nd Chance Opportunity Scholarship, I would be that much closer to realizing this dream. Over the course of the last two semesters here at LBCC, I have steadily been working to complete the prerequisites to enter the nursing program."

Congrats to our fourth awardee, Melissa
Congrats to our fourth awardee, Melissa

Along with being a student, Melissa also works full-time as an Endoscopy Technician primarily to help facilitate the payment of her tuition, along with providing for her family and son in Jamaica.

"To me, nursing is not only a dream or a goal but a calling to serve"

Melissa's Story

In her own words, Melissa shares that as a first-generation immigrant to the United States, Melissa's journey, like so many before her has been one of sacrifice and an attempt at a second chance in life. In August 2019, just before the beginning of the pandemic, she left her only child, her family, and her home and moved to the US to pursue her dream of becoming a Registered Nurse. This semester, however, in order to attend the required classes, Melissa had to reduce her work hours significantly, which has taken a tremendous toll on her finances and overall health.

In the months to come, many of the classes needed will be in person, which will present continued challenges.

"In light of the obstacles ahead I am determined to carry out the charge that was placed on my life, and with the assistance offered from this scholarship program I would be able to see it through. It would also be a tremendous honor. Thank you for your attention and consideration."

Congratulations Melissa!

Please help us celebrate this wonderful student.

The Valencia Cooper 2nd Chance Opportunity Scholarship Award will be solely for African American/Black students who would like to attend a Community College within the state of Oregon. Apply Now for your chance to win this scholarship.

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